Boost: a New beginning
The exponential growth of Boost during the pandemic, was the perfect excuse for a change. The hottest independent agency in Peru, was ready for a brand new visual identity to celebrate its evolution. As a part of a larger brand refresh, we were asked to create a compelling animated video to reintroduce the agency.
The result was a bold, dynamic look and feel that takes the rebranding as an starting point and uses it as fuel to visually expand the brand. A short yet compelling animated video that respects the past and embraces the future.
Boost gained recognition and brand awareness from its competitors and clients. In a crowded market, the independent agency managed to position itselft as a strong contender.
Client: Boost Brand Accelerator - Studio: Boost Brand Accelerator - Year: 2021 - Art direction: Andre Ramirez & Ivan Coello - Graphic design: Andre Ramirez & Marco Rosales - Motion Design: Andre Ramirez​​​​​​​
New contender
Never taken seriously and forced to grow by the pandemic, Boost sought to reinvent itself to compete with the largest in the industry. Constant acceleration was the answer. The new concept that guides the agency was also the main input for the development of the launch video of the new identity.
Motion exploration made in the rebranding phase
The journey
Some of the groundwork for the visual approach was laid by the rebranding. Taking it as an starting point, we took a very graphic approach, using geometric shapes as the visual foundation of the piece.
When we hit upong the idea “constant acceleration” exploration was key to discover the best way to convey the new spirit of the brand. Several ideas were discussed but the Echo effect seemed appropriate.
The hero's journey, was the answer for the story of the agency. Represented by a pink circle, Boost would go in a journey of self-discovery and exponential growth which led the new begining. All brought together by the loose visual interpretation of the blueprint.
Although the movement is a fundamental part of the piece. Being able to communicate this consistency throughout the video was a difficult task solved by matching cuts.  We were constanly looking for interesting ways to cut and transition trough shots and keep the momentum going.

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